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Samuel Bietenholz

Samuel has developed a body of work deeply concerned with the emotional and corporeal interaction between beings and their environment. Although realistic in representation his portraits abstract the subject by blending the focus between character, surrounding and occasion. The sitterís context is manipulated to develop a deeper narrative framework to reveal subjectís character against. He strives to capture the essence of the subject particular to their setting in time and/or place.

The author further acknowledges his own impression of the subjectís personality as a unique aspect of a portrait. The subjectís character is expressed as the painter has come to understand them. This reveals another dimension to the portraitís viewers through the dialogue between the subjectís character and painterís impression.

Samuel Bietenholz is a self-taught artist whose work has been exhibited across Canada and Japan, and is held in various private collections. Studying Environmental Design and Landscape Architecture at the University of Manitoba he developed a need to explore cultural ideas on an a more emotional level from professional design. Samuel continues to actively paint while practicing landscape architecture and urban design in Toronto, Ontario.


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Angnes Martin†

Doris Lessing Dolly Combo
Oil Oil Oil
18" x 14 " 14" x 18 " 16" x 32 "
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