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Welcome to our ONLINE International Classical Art School,  ARTEDEA

You already know us from BohemiArte School of Art (bohemiarte.ca). We now offer classical art training ONLINE to adults, youth and children, at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

Look at the advantages of online art education with ARTEDEA

  • Direct contact
  • One-on-one interaction
  • When and as often as you desire
  • Flexibility to develope artistically at your own pace
  • Instruction available in English, French, Slovenian and Croatian
  • Work in your own studio
  • No travelling
  • No parking
  • No large cash outlays; pay as you go.
  • Easy payment using Interact e-Transfer. 


Online classes via Skype allow one-on-one student/teacher interaction. 
The date and time of your class will be scheduled keeping your availability in mind.
These classes can be repeated as often as you desire.


Beginner, intermediate and advanced. 
(Intermediate and Advanced require you send images of two of your artworks to qualify.)

  • Email us an image of your work in progress or a description/image of your new painting project.
  • Include what you want to learn (technique, colour mixing, composition, style).
  • Have a notebook handy so you can record our suggestions and techniques


  • CLASSICAL DRAWING - a subject of your choice.
  • Email us your subject matter and/or drawing in progress.
  • Include what you want to learn.
  • Have a notebook handy.


  • BARGUE DRAWING COURSE - requires precision, perseverance and dedication.Completion of this course gives you the skills to draw anything.
  • The first online class via Skype will cover the materials, set-up and practise.
  • The second class will teach you how to draw the plates.
  • Have a notebook handy so you can take notes.


This simple process allows us to write our corrections and suggestions directly on your work without ever touching your original piece of art. You have the freedom to make changes to your artwork following our guidelines at your convenience.

  • Email us an image of your artwork including a description of your concerns and questions
  • We will print a copy of your work, make corrections on it, and circle problem areas.
  • We will email you the corrected image with a written detailed explanation.


Using Skype, these online conferences will be conducted periodically during the year. 
Open to a maximum of ten participants at a time, we will cover all things artistic.
Topics include art history, colour theory and painting techniques from the Renaissance to today. Feel free to offer your topic ideas. 


 ARTEDEA  ~  Your ONLINE International Classical Art School
 Contact us: artedea22@gmail.com



  Portraits of Famous Canadians on Show
June 12 - July 1 at Arta Gallery in Toronto Distillery District

June 12-July 1 at Arta Gallery

Portraits of famous Canadians in a variety of styles and media will be featured when the Portrait Society of Canada presents The Circle of Art: Portraits of Famous Canadians. The fine art exhibition of contemporary portraits will be on display June 12-July 1 at the Arta Gallery, 14 Distillery Lane in Toronto’s Distillery Historic District.

An opening reception takes place Thursday, June 13, 6-8 p.m. The exhibition concludes with a Canada Day celebration on Monday, July 1, 4-6 p.m. Both are open to the public at no charge.

Gallery hours are Monday-Friday, 10 a.m.-6 p.m.; Saturdays, 10 a.m.-7 p.m.; and Sundays, 10 a.m.-5 p.m.

Most of the portraits are available for sale.

Further information is available at www.portraitsociety.ca, or at the Arta Gallery, 416-364-2782, or www.artagallery.ca.

The Portrait Society of Canada’s 12th anniversary exhibition features works by professional portraitists from across Canada. There will be 30 fine art portraits created for the exhibition, including some of Canada’s finest portrait artists – Jean Miller Harding, Ava Murray Peters, Daniel Colby, Judith Elsasser, Martha Southwell, Sybiline, Ilona Biernot, Deborah Pearce, Steven Rosati, and Veronica Kvassetskaia-Tsyglan.

Among the portrait subjects are Dorothy Wetherald Rungeling, Canada’s first woman pilot (by Martha Southwell), Quebec storyteller and musician Fred Pellerin (by Sybiline), dance star Chan Hon Goh and writer Elaine Chin (by Jean Miller Harding), filmmaker Christopher Chapman (by Daniel Colby), violinist Paul McNaughton and choreographer David Earle (by Judith Elsasser), visual artist Tom Philips and singer Paris Black (by Ava Murray Peters), composer Alexina Louie (by Ilona Biernot); pianist Brahm Goldhamer, soprano Galina Lukomsky and Toronto Arts Council Director and CEO Claire Hopkinson (Veronica Kvassetskaia-Tsyglan).

Artists and most of the celebrities will be in attendance for both the opening reception and Canada Day celebration.

Veronica Kvassetskaia-Tsyglan, founder of the Portrait Society of Canada, observes: “Portraits matter. They are a record of people at our time in history – who we are and the way we live. But the likeness of individuals is also art, creating invaluable assets for the future.

“Schopenhauer once said about portraits, ‘Stand quietly before them and wait till they speak to us.’ In our exhibition, the portraits wait at the Arta Gallery for us to come and stand before them, and they will speak to us unforgettably. We are delighted to share our artists’ journey with the Canadian people.”



The Portrait Society of Canada is proud to present a unique book.
"Lighting for portrait (& other) artists" by David Bernstein


PRODUCT PHOTO INC, 55 Administration Rd, #16 Concord, ON L4K 4G9

905-669-3972 or 1-800 828-0040

'Lighting for portrait artists' by David Bernstein

The Portrait Society of Canada is proud to present a unique DVD

'Creating a Portrait in Pastel' by Gwenneth Barth
"Creating a Portrait in Pastel" by Gwenneth Barth
step-by step approach to the Classical Portrait.

DVD, 68 min, $80.00 CAD, tax included, plus $10.00 CAD shipping within Canada

To order please contact the Portrait Society of Canada
Master Card/VISA, personal checks are accepted.

Members Gallery web page creation

Dear Member!

To build a strong membership base of the Society and create publicity for our members we would like You to participate in the Members Gallery web page creation, that will be a part of the Portrait Society of Canada web site.
The Members Gallery page will introduce the Artists-Members of the Society and display few Portraiture works along with the short artistic statement for each member. The page will give You a good opportunity to show and promote Your work and build a strong recognition in the Canadian Art Community. This is the first step to maintain the Portrait Brokers service and form the Portrait Agency with the commission's opportunity for each member of the Society.

If You would like to place Your information on the Members Gallery web page, please submit:

  • 2-3 best images of Your portraiture artwork

  • Your photo (optional)

  • short artist statement

  • Your contact information (e-mail)

Please send this information to the Portrait Society of Canada: info@portraitsocietyofcanada.com