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Grand Prix Best of Show
Best Portfolio

K.C.Rasmussen "Self Portrait"

K.C.Rasmussen "Self Portrait"
(48"/48" oil)

First Place
People Choice Award

Second Place

Third Place

V. Tsyglan "Bishop Michael"

Veronica Tsyglan "Bishop Michael of Canada"
(28"/36" oil)

Lynn Davies "Luisa"

Lynn Davies "Luisa"
(18"/24" oil)

Deleted upon request

Honorable Mention

Honorable Mention

Honorable Mention

Judy Tarnofsky "The Old Mariner"

Judi Farnofsky "The Old Mariner"
(20"/16" oil)

Jacqueline Carroll "Por Favor"

Jacqueline Carroll "Por Favor"
(27"/21" oil)

Judith Sinclair "Hugh"

Judy Tarnofsky "The Old Mariner"
(20"/16" oil)

Honorable Mention

Honorable Mention

Dino Ciccone "Self Portrait"

Dino Ciccone "Self Portrait"
(16"/20" oil)

Joseph A. Czarnota "Born in USA"

Joseph A. Czarnota "Born in USA"
(19"/24" pastel)

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