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Stuart R. Wilson


Stuart R. Wilson is a gifted and primarily self-taught painter, who is known for his realistic portraiture. He studied drawing briefly in Santa Fe, New Mexico, under Tony Ryder, a master artist at the Andreeva Portrait Academy. Stuart also holds a level three National Vocational Qualification (UK) in Art Appreciation and Restoration. Having lived in London, Paris, and Frankfurt, Stuart?s art exhibits obvious influences from European masters, although his time spent in Syria and Haiti ensures ?a fresh perspective?. Stuart currently makes his home in West Vancouver.

Why portraiture?

No other subject in art compares to the excitement of portraiture. The human form is, of course, of unequaled beauty in the natural world. Fine portraiture, however, represents much more than the living form. A well-executed portrait, no matter how simple, conveys immeasurable information to the viewer. A portrait can reveal a sitter?s avocation, social standing, family role, and many other details of his personal life. A well-executed portrait can even tap into the soul of the subject--revealing personality, thoughts, and feelings. This depth of information is what I attempt to convey when I paint.

I approach a subject as if it were the art and my craft a mere attempt to record it?s beauty. This philosophy mandates a realistic approach to picture making, as every element of the subject need be recorded accurately. For such accuracy, I use oils exclusively. Oil paint allows the greatest _expression and variety of effects.

Portraiture satisfies my interest in society, politics, history, culture, and art. It?s all there.?

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