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Mary A. Wright


My earliest memory is of a summer day when I was three years old.? My parents had left me with a caretaker.? I was free to 'play house' on a large porch overlooking the garden.? The?quality of light and?atmosphere, the chance to endlessly arrange things to my liking made that day indelible for me.

In my present studio, I am still engaged in this same project, how form is arranged in space to produce maximum impact, how light defines or dissolves these forms.

In 2001, I received a B.F.A. in Art and Design from the University of Alberta and completed part of the art history requirements in Italy .? I have returned there several times since to photograph and paint that remarkable landscape.

Since?graduation I have had yearly shows of portraiture in oils and pastels as well as drawings, photographs and work in various print media.?

Portraiture remains my favourite artistic practice as it involves working intensely with another person.? It is an encounter that leaves both the sitter and myself stimulated and surprised by what materializes.

For me, art making is always an adventure.? It is about searching and seeing in new and unpredictable ways.? I am always surprised at what emerges on the picture plane, at knowing somehow when it is finished but knowing?also and with anticipation,?that now I must begin again.



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