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Birte Hella


Birte Hella , a Toronto artist, who began painting the landscape when first introduced to Canadian art in her teens. She started exhibiting her work in 1989. As a student of the arts and humanities she has earned a B.A. (University of New Brunswick) and a B.F.A. (Queen's University) in 1971 and 1993 respectively. For well over a decade her, predominantly figurative, work has been propelled by a passionate interest in the question of "what it means to be, and more specifically, what it means to be human".

"The human face, our face, is the embodiment of who we think we are, what we hope to be, and who we are perceived to be. The process of knowing, becoming, and of perceiving, being continuous and fluid, is portrayed in the face we present to the world. It holds forth our essential self. Actually capturing that 'ever changing' essential self is both the most challenging and most exciting aspect of portraiture art."

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Wide Eyed Boy Mischievious Girl Mormor
Charcoal and Chalk on Paper Charcoal and Chalk on Paper Charcoal and Chalk on Paper
9x12 9x12 9x12
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