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Morag Webster

The inspiration for Morag's paintings comes from her experiences as a Scottish/Canadian ­woman and her ancestor's experiences. She has developed bodies of work based on the evolution of modem culture and the consumerism of nature. Her work explores the relationship and contrast between nature, history and politics. Through painting portraits or building installations her work illustrates these ideas about our community's development. As a painter her work uses traditional painting techniques in clear and colourful way.

Her art work has been a quest for expression in a variety of media including painting in oil, watercolours and pastel, as well as forays into the production of sculpture using various materials. This drive has also lead her to work in film and theatre as a props builder and designer. She has had formal training at Hereford College of Art, Ontario College of Art Sault College, as well as the University of Western Ontario, plus numerous workshops.

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Sarah Marlen Theo Fleury
Pastel Oil on canvas Oil on linen
18" x 22" 20" x 24" 36" x 42"
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