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Loubov Nemkina

As long as I can remember, art has been an important part of my life. In my earliest memories as a child I can recall drawing and painting. My interest in this discipline was greatly supported by family and friends alike and I was encouraged to develop my talents further on a more formal basis. As I matured in this field, I was greatly influenced by the artwork of the pre-Raphaelite period of the Victorial era, as well as, the work of the Classical and Baroque masters. My first formal training started in 1980 where I studied at the Art College in my home city of Yekatirinburg, Russia for four years. Even after obtaining a degree as a civil engineer in 1988, I managed to pursue my love to create and design in different artistic media, by opening my own company that specialized in decorative art.

My arrival to Canada presented further opportunities to develop my own style and preference of artistic expression. I am presently studying at “Galerie Bohemiarte”, a private art school in Vieux Montreal which specializes in advanced figure study. The owner and teacher, Irena Korosec is a realist master who teaches art in the vain of the old master’s tradition. I have found that I have a great affinity to human art form and this is further evidenced in the works that I am doing. “ My sources of inspiration are the people in my life, and what they mean to me”



Nancy Philip Brothers
Oil Oil Oil
12" x 16" 12" x 16" 18" x 24"
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