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Jeffrey John Mackness

Art is an expression of beauty and truth to the greater glory and honour of God and for the good of the soul. If the soul is to be converted it should be raised up through art and not debased by it. Moral impurity should have no part in the arts. Art should always seek to enlighten and raise the soul from its fallen state. This is done through grace and grace alone. This grace comes through the action of God alone. The artist thus takes his inspiration in the creative action of God as well as creation itself. In his representation of creation the artist seeks to emulate the very creative nature of God. In addition the artist seeks always to access the grace of God through seeking the Will of God in everything he does; his thoughts, words and deeds. Every area of his life should be clearly marked with the desire to witness to the goodness of God and His love for all mankind.



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13" x 20" 13" x 20" 13" x 20"
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