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J. A. Fligel

I was born in Scotland to a family of artists. In 1989, I graduated with a BA Honours degree in Fine Art specializing in sculpture. Shortly after graduation I moved to New Zealand and later Australia. I have traveled extensively throughout Asia and Europe and experienced a wide variety of cultures and people. In 2001 I settled down in Canada. In art school, I developed mainly metal abstract sculpture and later worked in the theater and film industry, building sculpture and props for many major productions. Through my travels I became inspired by the human expression. This led me to concentrate and develop my figurative work.

I have exhibited in Scotland, New Zealand, Australia and Canada. This year I won first prize in the International Fine Arts Competition, through the Ben Nevee Gallery, Toronto. In support of the charity UNICEF, with the sculpture The Angelic Ruler.

My goal as an artist is to show the essence of humanity and the power of the human spirit. In my experience, creating figurative work brings the art closer to people. I aim to express a wide variety of human feelings, to show the delicacy and beauty of life, as well as demonstrating the diversity and equality between people and different cultures. I want to inspire people to thrive in peace, love and balance. I am captured by the beauty that surrounds us on this planet. I would like to show how much we have and how much more we all could have by working together for a joint goal of peace, love and caring. Through my sculpture I would like to take a stand for world peace, encouraging people to see the basic values and magnificence of humanity.

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