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Jinny Slyfield

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts," it has been said. I believe that each artist absorbs a little of what has been created in the past and, in a intuitive way, weaves pieces and memories of many works and life experiences into an impression of reality and an expression of her creativity. My paintings grow from what I know, what I feel and then become entities in and of themselves.
I have always been fascinated by the human form and especially, the face - the skin tones, the planes and the play of light over the features. I am often accused of being almost rude, as I study a stranger's face, before I ask whether I can paint them. I have a strong background in the Nicholaides technique, which allows me to draw and paint with a right brain attitude. This frees my hand, and the work develops outside the realm of logical, technical rendering and allows me to capture the essence of the person, in an intuitive way, while creating a depth of form using under-painting.
The past, and all the portrait paintiners who have gone before, are reference points which I use to build upon those special gifts.



Madonna Tatiana Look at Me
Oil Oil Oil
30" x 40" 48" x 48" 22" x 27"
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