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Jesse Gledhill

My father gave me my most basic rule for life; he advised that in matters of style to go with the flow, but in matters of principle to be a rock.  As a youth that seemed straightforward enough, even simplistic.  As the years passed, I became aware that principles will always be threatened in a ‘sea of styles,’ and I knew my rock was being formed.

As each quarter of a century passes to a new generation, it is designated to be responsible for the future.  Today is the future I so eagerly anticipated, but it is unlike that which I imagined when I was young.  This, I believe, is the genesis of an artist.  I hope my paintings will form a bridge for the young to see the past as flawed and assume the responsibility to put it right.

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Wedding in White Thorns Blue Waltz
Acrylic on linen Acrylic on linen Acrylic on linen
48x46 40x48 70x44
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