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Katherine McNenly


Katherine McNenly lives and works in Almonte, a small town in the National Capital Region. She sought out a classical education at the National Portrait Society, under the tutelage of John Angel, while attending the BFA program at York University, in the 1980?s. She then travelled to Florence, Italy to study at the atelier Cecil-Graves. She believes in the balance of craftsmanship and expression in painting and is influenced by both old and new masters, such as Chardin, Vermeer, Thayer and Wyeth.
Her work, including the still life and landscape genre, are in private collections across Canada and the United States. She is a member of the Classical Realist Society of Canada and CARFAC. Katherine is represented by the Cube Gallery in Ottawa and the Robert Macklin Gallery in Kingston, Ontario. She believes in the passage of knowledge and teaches courses in traditional painting techniques for the city of Ottawa.

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Caroline Philip Janine
Oil on Panel Oil on linen Oil on linen
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