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Elaine Rakowski

I see art as a way to elevate the human spirit. It is a language that precludes words and is universally understood. Art has always been a passion of mine since I was a young child. After a long and satisfying career as a dentist, I felt it was time to express and develop the artistic side of myself which had for many years longed to be expressed. To that end I sold my practice 5 years ago in order to pursue my artistic passion. There is a lot I wish to say in both landscape and portraiture. I find that there is a soul in landscape painting which arouses a reverence for nature that I wish to express. And in portraiture I believe that the artist ought to try to represent their subject at their best and respect what it is that the sitter wishes to convey about themselves. To that end it is important to try to understand the presence and gesture of the sitter and what it portrays about them as a human being. I believe that the portrait artist should always do their utmost to produce work that is of the best quality.

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Young Girl Study-Michaela Youthful Exuberance
Graphite on paper Oil on canvas Oil on canvas
8x7 14x11 16x13
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