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Daniel Colby

My paintings focus on transition, impermanence, discovery and identity. In my studio work, I'm particularly interested in the transition from youth to adult and how that phase is defining and defined, it's brevity and our remeniscence of it. I'm often drawn to the subject matter of young men both to explore these themes and to express my appreciation of the beauty of young men. I aim to capture the fleeting and transient – for instance, to capture a fleeting moment of time when you can see the juxtaposition of both a child and a man in the subject's face. I'm drawn to the elements of awkwardness and vulnerability and how they are so often found in juxtaposition (or contradiction) with beauty and confidence. I find this dichotomy particularly striking in young men.

In commissioned portraits, I enjoy painting men, women and children of all ages. I find it fascinating and rewarding to paint a variety of people, particularly senior citizens whose faces reflect a lifetime of experience.

My process for painting portraits begins with me meeting with and photographing the subject, when possible, in natural light. Capturing light is a key element of my paintings (including those of landscapes or architecture). The light on a subject is a vital aspect of the portrait and by relying on sunlight to light my subjects it reinforces the idea of capturing a transient moment

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