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Roman Laufer


I have devoted a lifetime to my passion for drawing and painting. My art career has spanned over 22 years with award winning designs that have been manufactured worldwide. My work has been recognized for both design and technical merit from the Gravure Association of the Americas.
I have served as Design Manager for Canadian General Tower (Cambridge, Ontario) and as Director of Design for i2M (Pennsylvania, USA). I am currently a Senior Designer with Morbern Inc. (Cornwall, Ontario) as well as a discipline artist.
In 2010, when at the young age of 39; I was faced with heart disease, a heart attack and finally quadruple by-pass surgery. As a way to deal with my mental health during this difficult time, I decided to turn my attention towards a different medium and sit down in front of a canvas.
I began to focus on painting as a way of finding peace and balance in my life. My paintings have become a meditative healing for me. I find the human figure to be a very powerful subject. Whether it is the face or the entire figure, I want each piece to express a personal story. The figures in my paintings have confidence and show strength and courage.
They are all a symbol of my inner strength that is dealing with my new road ahead.

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