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Dale Cheung

Dale Cheung was born in Guangzhou, China where he studied at the Guangzhou Art College. As an artist for over 50 years, Dale has created well over 200 paintings, in which over 100 of them are portrait paintings. In China, he painted many large portraits for Chairman Mao. Consequently, Dale’s work was well known and was hung in many public places, especially around Guangzhou.

Ever since a child, Dale was inspired by dimensional art and enjoyed creating small sculptures out of mud or clay depending on what he could find. He was fascinated by recreating three dimensional objects and faces, and eventually transferred this expression with oil paintings.

After his immigration to Canada, Dale studied at the Ontario College of Art and Design to expand his skills and to learn about Western art. Here, he continued to create many impressive paintings, including a 15 feet by 20 feet oil painted mural that was hung on the east side of Broadview just north of the Gerrard intersection. The mural is entitled The East Chinatown Gateway, which proudly depicts the award winning “Zhong Hua Men” Archway, which is built at the corner of Gerrard and Hamilton Street. Dale was also the chief designer for this archway.

Many of Dale’s paintings have been publicized and has appeared on various media, like the Toronto Star, National Post, City of Toronto promotional sites flyers, just to name a few. He has also been interviewed by Fairchild TV on the show, Leisure Talk about his works of art. Of his many creations, Dale has painted several noteworthy portraits of local leaders. He painted a 4 feet by 8 feet oil portrait of Jack Layton, the late leader of the New Democratic Party in Canada. Additionally, he has painted 4 feet by 6 feet portraits of Marilyn Churley, former MPP for Toronto Danforth; Peter Tabuns, current MPP for Toronto Danforth and; Councilor Paula Fletcher. Since immigrating to Canada, Dale is an artist at his leisure time and has had painted oil portraits for over 30 clients.



Jack Layton Marilyn Churley Peter Tabuns
Oil Oil Oil
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