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Jeffery Buchsdruecker


A graduate from the University of Alberta, Jeffery Buchsdruecker is a secondary teacher who has had the great good fortune to be able to share his interests and passions with his students.?

A primarily self taught artist, Jeffery currently works as a junior high art teacher in Edmonton, Alberta.? He also teaches English and drama, and acknowledges the connections between his various subjects.? Through teaching movement in drama, he has come to have a better understanding of light, expression, and posture, all of which influence his paintings.? Many of his designs are based on characters pulled from the stories he reads to his students.? The desire to bring these individuals to life for his classes is one of the main reasons he has focused on portraits over other works of art.? Jeffery’s desire is to share his love of the arts with his students, and to encourage them to see themselves as works of art, as well as the creators of art, whatever their chosen medium.

Jeffery works in oils, acrylics, and watercolours, and often favours a more illustrative, flat, pen and ink approach to his portraits.? By focusing on particular features of a model, he believes he can bring out specific characteristics in his work.? He paints a lot of self-portraits as he feels more free to experiment with colours and techniques when he is the only client he has to impress.? Jeff has recently taken to creating portraits through graffiti stencilling, woodcuts, and lino carving, as well.

Jeffery hopes to continue to develop his abilities as an artist and looks forward to the day when, in the future, he can spend more time focusing on his love of the arts, and less time on working in order to eat.

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Eric Model behaviour View from the bridge
Oil Watercolour Watercolour
8x8 5x7 4x12
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