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France Brassard

I am often told that the child’s soul can be seen in my portrait. Indeed, my mission being to make visible the invisible, the beauty of the soul, a moment of joy.

For as long as I can remember, my two passions have been : Art and children.

I started my artistic career as an iIllustrator for children’s books. I particularly love to paint children’s portrait. For many years I worked with watercolor . I have created a solo exhibition of miniature portraits.

Recently, after an Art & Expression workshop, I was inspired to paint on larger canvas and with a new medium for me : acrylic paint. I loved the result, so I created a series of child’s portraits.

For this particular series, because of the medium used, as well as the subject of my art – a child’s face up close, my paintings have a contemporary feel to them.

To commission a portrait, either watercolor on Arches paper, or acrylic on canvas, please contact me.



Bianca Luke
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