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Chippie Kennedy


At a young age I developed a love for the human figure and I saw the body as a hanger, or show-piece, for clothing. Hence, I began my career as a fashion designer on 7th Ave. in New York City. My fascination with texture, drape, form and movement left me wanting to deepen my understanding and appreciation of the physical body beneath the cloth under which I was draping it. I realized that I no longer wanted to dress the body but sculpt it, to represent it the way I see and feel it......I transitioned from cloth to clay. My work and process are  intuitive/organic and seek to give life to my clay and composition. 
With each piece I want to expose the raw and palpable nature of the body and it’s form, be it human or animal. A sculpture is an invitation to its’ audience or on-looker to be enjoyed and experienced through both sight and touch.  Each touch or brush of a hand brings subtle changes to a finished piece of sculpture. At that moment the piece belongs to viewer as well as the artist.

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