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John Arcaro


I began drawing and painting at the very young age of ten. While having studied art in both New York and Montreal alongside great artists and instructors, I’ve had the opportunity to experiment in many different mediums, techniques and subjects. After having spent several years studying and recreating works by great portrait Masters such as John Singer Sargent and Rembrandt, I quickly learned that portrait painting was my niche.

Painting portraits has always been more challenging to me and very rewarding at the same time. Creating a portrait and trying to portray an individual’s life and character by expressing my own feelings and emotions into the artwork, creates a feeling of fulfillment that only an artist can understand.

I learned at a young age that the day you stop learning is the die you die, therefore I strive to challenge and better myself every single day.

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Bliss Sisters Lucky Number 13 – Max Domi
oil on canvas oil on canvas oil on canvas
24x30 30x30 24x36
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