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Lyne Dellandrea


Born into an artistic family, art and artistic endeavor has always been a part of my life.
I believe that good drawing is the foundation of good art. I enjoy working in many mediums , but I settled down to the serious study of portraiture when I had time and space to myself and I started to work in oils.
Faces fascinate me. They reflect the character and experiences of a person. Their shapes and colours, the intensity of a gaze, the curl of a lip or the angle of an eyebrow all give clues to aid the understanding of the persona.
I began by studying with Frank Covino . He offered a classical education in underpainting and glazing with colour in layers. This method is laborious and time consuming but sometimes it is the only way to achieve a classical portrait.
Since then, I have studied with several masters and I often work alla prima. A portrait isn’t a portrait if it doesn’t resemble the sitter so you use whatever technique works best to represent the subject.
In these masked days of Covid, the eyes have had to do all the work and they speak volumes. They are the windows through which we recognize and respond to everyone and everything life throws at us. I love to paint eyes.
This last year of mandated isolation has given me lots of time to paint…..landscapes, still lives and people, many people. It has been my way to bring everyone close to me.
I just want to paint……………..



Sorrow, despaire, absinthe? Sad eyed lady of the lowlands Dr George McGavin
Oil Oil Oil
8x10 11x14 12x16
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