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Mary MacAskill


Born and raised in Toronto, I always wanted to be a portrait artist.  After graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Honours degree from York University, I chose a more commercial route and started my career as a graphic artist.  After a successful 35-year corporate career in marketing and communications, I am nurturing my original desire to paint portraits… better late than never. 

The appeal of doing portraits is the opportunity to reveal the person within, and not just a pretty visage. It is for that reason that I prefer to capture a more casual moment in a person’s life, in their everyday clothes, in their everyday setting with their everyday things. The external environment that one creates is just as much a reflection of who they are as are the lines on their face or the look in their eyes. For me, there’s an essential truth to capturing a moment of a real life that transcends a more formal pose. A portrait is not only for the sitter, but for the sitter’s family and friends so it should be a reflection of how that person is best known and loved.

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