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Dariusz Krzeminski


I have been drawn to portraiture since the beginning of my artistic career. I could never take my eyes off of powerful classical portraits which I came across in art galleries and museums. There is something magnetic and timeless in a masterful portrait. I set to pursue this mystery many years ago, and still continue to do so in my practice as a portrait painter. And the more I paint the more the myster y deepens.

I also have been working as a portrait photographer for over twenty years and I try to bring that k nowledge and experience into my portrait painting practice. When a client asks me to paint their portrait it is never jus t about capturing their likeness. Being able to achieve convincing likeness is a given, and it is a necessar y prerequisit e for any commission work to be successful.I am mostly interested in expressing the client's personality in a beautiful yet interesting way. Each new por trait painting commission sparks an enthusiasm and hope ,that it will be my best portrait yet.

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Barbara Muira Self-portrait
Oil Oil Oil
24x13 12x22 30x36
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