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Fabre Jacqueline

Since the beginning, I was attracted by the Arts. My father, a blacksmith, taught me about the beauty and well-done work. I learned a lot through his just and regular gestures on the smith and the will to sculpt the iron. Now, I feel this creative impulse that inspires me. When I lived in the Laurentians, I took my brush to explore and put on the canvas my human vision with the portrait. These ancient techniques taught me to come back to my source, and the old heritage grounds me and emerges a comprehension of the human being through the expressions or faces that are renewed. When I see a face, I feel the need to communicate an image that I love to deepen. My work is a big learning of techniques and tones that I can see till infinity on the skin surface. The drawing being the tool to understand deeper the human soul that we can only see on the surface and the colors give brightness to the forms. Finally, I hope with all my heart, that these works of art created through the years, will find their way through their travels to inspire other artists.



Grand-mother Zélith Noémi Gaëlle
oil on board oil on canvas oil on wood
18x11 20x16 18x11
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