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2014 Canadian Young Artist Portrait Competition.
The Young Artist Competition in fine art portraiture is an on-line competition and is open to all Canadian visual young artists between the ages of 8-18.

 "I was privileged to see the development and rising quality of the young generation of artists over these last few years. I see the progress, tremendous discipline and keen observation combined with creativity and imagination .I am honoured to have been a judge for the Competition and I apologize to those who have not won this year. The choice was really hard and there simply wasn't enough awards for all those who deserve the recognition. I love you all, my future colleagues and explorers of this wonderful world of arts. Never give up your sacred light!" Irena Korosec
“The quality of our talented young artists was amazing. To demonstrate such creativity and visual acuity coupled with technical capability is truly unusual at the beginning of one’s artistic journey. Faced with such talent, the job of being a juror was very difficult. I applaud each and every artist that sent in the best of their works. They are all winners."Jean Harding
"It is an honour to judge these competitions for the Portrait Society of Canada. The quality of the work never fails to impress me. The art of the portrait will live on through these kids and youth. I encourage you all to continue drawing and painting. Observe. Create. It is a wonderful world that you are privy to. Congratulations to you all!”Jane Kavanagh
“It’s a pleasure to see young talents , wishing you all great success and lots of amaizing ideas. Keep creating masterpieces and become the most famous artist of our time”. Veronica Kvassetskaia Tsyglan
  Best Kids Portrait Award   Best Youth Portrait Award  
  Lilian Gao, Self Portrait, pencil on paper,17x11, 13 y.o. ON   Evelyn Zhang.Purity.Oil on canvas .30''x24''. .17 y.o. ON  
Certificate of Excellence
Tala Alatassi. My Brother.pencil on paper.12''x8''.18 y.o. ON   Joshua Villanueva.Lady.charcoal on paper. 17 y.o. BC   Eunji Song.Alison.Graphite pencil.8''x6''.17 y.o..ON   Mary Mao.Ethan, Acrylic, 15 y.o.BC 18x42
Certificate of Merit
Alice Marin. Maria, pencil .14x11, 12 y.o, ON   Artem Rudzish, Self Portrait, Graphite/Pencil on paper, 17x14. 13 y.o. ON.   Nicole Shi Self Portrait.oil on canvas 20''x16''.10y.o.ON   Tallulah Valliere-Paul.Self Portrait.Acrylic on canvas. 14''x11''. 13 y.o. ON
Luka Kremic. Self Portrait. Pencil on paper.20''x14''.16 y.o.ON   Samantha Lam.Self Portrait.Conte on paper.20''x15''.14y.o. ON   Shi Yu Jessica Chen.Self Portrait.Mixed media.28''x22''.17 y.o.ON   Zi Lin Wang.My Mother.
Graphite pencil on paper.17''x14''.15 y.o ON
Awesome Artist Certificate
Vlad Zamrii. Self Portrait Ink acrylic.12''x9''.10y.o..ON   Doris Chu.Self Portrait.graphite on paper.14''x12''. 17 y.o. ON   Aurora Zheng, Portrait 2014, Pencil, 9x12, 12 y.o. BC   Francesca Carandang, Self Portrait,
Conte on paper, 18x12. 13y.o. ON
Jolie Ji, Self Portrait, Conte on paper, 17x14, 10 y.o, ON   Lilian Gao, Self Portrait, acrylic paint, 14x11, 13 y.o. ON   Mika Backman.Self Portrait. Acrylic on canvas.14''x11''.13 y.o.ON   Lily Gelman.Self Portrait, Acrylic.
20x16, 13 y.o. ON
Daniel Costiuc. 2 in 1; semi woman semi lion. Pencil on paper.14''x11''. 14 y.o. ON   Daniel Costiuc.My Sister. pencil on paper.20''x15''. 14 y.o. ON   Daniel Costiuc.Yongster. pencil on paper.8''x6''. 14 y.o. ON   Denise Hui. Self Portrait.Charcoal
on paper. 14''x11''.17 y.o.ON
Evelyn Zhang.Queen. oil on canvas.20''x16''.17y.o.ON   Jessica Liv.Peri of the Winter woods. oil on canvas 10''x10''.17 y.o.ON   Mary Mao .Cousin Sabrina.Pencil. 15 y.o. BC 15x21   Evelyn Zhang.Janet. oil on canvas.30''x24''.17 y.o. ON
Toria Sopel.Portrait of Mark.Pencil 14''x11''.16 y.o. ON   Penni Unni.Reasons why. watercolor on paper.7''x5''.16 y.o. ON   Penny Unni.Saturn.Acrylic on canvas. 20''x16''.16 y.o. ON   Kevin Zhu .Self Portrait.Pencil
and Chrcoal on paper24''x18''. 15 y.o. ON
    Mary Mao.Family. Acrylic, 30x40, 15 y.o. BC   Mary Mao.Dandiliongirl. Acrylic, 36x24, 15y.o. BC
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