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The Portrait Society of Canada is a public organization, dedicated to fostering the practice, techniques and aesthetics of

Fine Art Portraiture and Sculpture through public education.


Dear Young Artists,on behalf of the Portrait Society of Canada ,we would like to thank you for entering your work in our first Canadian Young Artist portrait competition.   We are happy to see your interest and dedication in fine art portraiture. You have demonstrated beautiful style and technique in your portrait art.  We have tremendously talented Young Artists growing up in Canada. We look forward to seeing more beautiful works created for the 2013 competition.

Jurors: Irena Korosec, Lila Karim, Veronica Kvassetskaia-Tsyglan.

Best Kids Portrait Award
Best Youth Portrait Award
  Ma petite soeur, Graphite, 12"x9"   Self Portrait, Oil, 20"x16"  
  Aenor Dandin-Dieul. 11 yo   Loren Yeung, 17 yo.  
  Montreal, QC   Toronto ,ON  
Certificate of Merit
Self Portrait, Acrylic, 50x40 cm   Kiev, Pencil, 30x20 cm   The old man, Charcoal,50x40cm
Shiyu(Jessica)Chen, 15 yo.   Cortni Rees, 16 yo.   Shiyu(Jessica) Chen, 15 yo
Toronto ,ON   Toronto ,ON   Toronto ,ON
Self Portrait, Pencil, 11"x8,5"   My Cool Bro, Acrylic, 16"x20"   The Baby Me, Acrylic, 11"x14"
Vincent Mak, 12 yo   Luke Weng, 16 yo   Ruth Weng, 13 yo
Richmond Hill ,ON   Burnaby,BC   Burnaby, BC
Awesome Artist Certificate
My Father , Acrylic, 16"x20"   Portrait of Albert, Oil, 11"x14"   Self Portrait, pencil, 27"x21"
Luke Weng, 15 yo   Joshua D. Villanueva, 15 yo   Anna Li,16 yo
Burnaby,BC   Calgary ,AB   Toronto,ON
Self Portrait, Aclylic, 20"x16"   Light as Air, Pencil, Chalk.20x20cm   My Smile, Clay, 30cm x25cm x25cm
Angela Huang, 17 yo   Emilija Angelovska, 17 yo.   Julia Hou, 17 yo
Burnaby, BC   Calgary ,AB   Vaughan ,ON
Self Portrait, Oil Pastel, 20 "x16"   The look of life, Acrylic, 16"x20"   My Dad, Acrylic, 16 "x20"
Sonia Huang, 17 yo   Angela Huang, 15 yo   Richelle Ng, 16 yo
Toronto ,ON   Burnaby,BC   Richmond Hill ,ON
My Brothers and I, Yarn, 20 "x20"   Self Portait, Pencil, 18"x24"   My Father, Pencil, 12"x9".
Ama Ampofo, 14 yo   Jessica Dou, 12 yo.   Richard Salo, 9 yo.
Oshawa, ON   Thornhill ,ON   Ottawa, ON
Portrait of my Dad, Pencil, 11"x8,5"   Self Portrait, Graphite, 11"x8,5"   Yong Spirit, Acrylic, 16"x20"
Vlad-Gabriel Zamrii, 8 yo   Ana-Maria Zamrii, 12 yo   Angela Huang, 15 yo
Toronto, ON   Toronto, ON   Burnaby,BC
Self Portrait, Graphite, pencil,11"x8,5"   Through the looking Glass, pencil, 8.5 "x11"   When I was Little, Acrylic, 16"x20"
Vlad-Gabriel Zamrii, 8 yo   Sara Bellefontaine, 14 yo   Luke Weng, 15 yo
Toronto, ON   Musquodoboit,NS   Burnaby,BC