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The human being really fascinates me. With my art, I like to give rise to a reflection touching the human feeling. The first thing that I search for while creating an artwork, is the reason of its interest. In fact, it's to propagate emotions that will remind us, at least for a moment, the best of ourselves.

The beauty of an artwork resides in sharing. What I have to say, often speaks of you and me. If an artwork touches, it's that the human being recognizes itself. My artworks speak to all those that know how to give and take in turns. It's confidential means of communication.

My work consists in painting and in high style sewing. At the same time, souls and bodies merge together. Having been drawn towards the portrait, I work in collaboration with people corresponding to my needs. Their faces and their attitudes must reveal what I'm looking for. Once the model has been chosen, I draw and create a suit to fit to its size. This is kind of modeling or a textile design. It's creative and very stimulating. The decisions that precede the sewing of the costume give the tone of the character, its social position, and its nature. Then I prepare a photographic session with the personage.

When I paint, the artwork begins to discuss with me on the nature of its presentation. At this point, it is time to listen. Besides, the most beautiful quality in painting is certainly its meditative nature. Guided by my values; who I am opens up and connects. Towards whom; towards what; that, I can not say. Inspired by ancient techniques, my figurative style, sometimes visionary, sometimes literary, searches for a universal path in which the human becomes the centre. Colors become emotions. We are.

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Karine Gigu?re   The yellow portrait  Silentium
Oil on cotton pasted panel Oil on canvas Oil on cotton pasted panel
8" x 12" 8" x 10" 8" x 10"
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