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Eric Vanasse

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For portrait commissions, I guarantee 100% satisfaction. We will select the pose, background and often the clothes together. You will have a chance to see the painting in its monochrome version and near completion so changes can be applied if desired.

When doing a portrait painting, every stroke of the brush that I apply is done with the intent to capture not only the likeness but also a mood specific to the sitter's personality. It is by seeking qualities of presence, light and harmony in my works that I can best pay tribute to the person that I paint.

I usually start a portrait by doing a monochromatic (grisaille) under-painting to work out the composition, get the likeness, refine the drawing and get a strong tonal relationship. When this foundation is solid, I then apply my colors over the under painting in a wet on wet approach that allows the beauty of the paint to shine with all of its subtleties. This takes much longer than tracing contours and filling in the colors but the end result is more poetic and allows for a better emotional connection to the painting.

Painting from life by posing for one or multiple sessions of three hours can be a memorable experience for the sitter and always give a truer sense of form, color and mood to render for the artist. Since a finished portrait takes me between 30 and 40 hours, it is often difficult to arrange so many sessions, therefore, I usually work from photographs but I prefer to take the reference photos myself whenever possible. To get a better feeling of the sitter's personality multiple pictures are always required.

Artist’s statement
Beauty is everywhere, it is my goal as an artist to extract its essential elements and convey them on canvas in a way that transcends the subject and the medium.
I try to facilitate an emotional connection to my work by using a variety of techniques, some that are centuries old and others tha

Price list:
The price is dependent on the complexity of the subject and to a lesser extent on the size of the painting. The price lists here are for paintings life-size or near life-size with a uniform background. 
Head and shoulders
Prices are for one person. Add $250 per additional person for groups. 

16 x 12 in

18 x 14 in

20 x 16 in




Half figure, seated or standing showing hands
Prices are for one person. Add $300 per additional person for groups. 

16 x 12 in

18 x 14 in

20 x 16 in




Full figure
From $840. Minimum size: 48 in x 30 in
Taxes additional. Framing and shipping are optional extras at cost.